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Electric Gate

Electric Gate

How many gate companies have you tried? Do you just choose one out of the yellow pages or do you see who is the best around? One of the things that you require to check when looking for a gate service company is to make sure they are licensed, insured & bonded.

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Residential Gate

Residential Gate

Our Automatic Gate Repair Tujunga is a gate service company that is all about the customer. The customer is important to us because they are what make us a successful company. Our residential and commercial customers love us and our work and have told us that we’re the best around.

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Gate Repair

Gate Repair

n Los Angeles, California, there is a very famous community that has a total population of twenty eight thousand. It is a really amazing place that has a lot of sites that you can visit when you are in this place. They are many and diverse and vary from one another in nature.

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Quick response to 24/7 emergency gate issues! The best service in town

Here are practical and effective gate repair tips to ensure long term security. So, it's best to know what to do when the gate is rotten. You can also read about ways to avoid sagging gates and similar problems.

Checking hinges of your gates

In the hinge area of gates, you will find fittings. These fittings need to be greased regularly to facilitate easy swing of the gate. At times hinges get cracked around the joints where they wereoriginally welded. To ensure that these hinges are in good condition check for cracks around the joints; you might need a hinge welding repair job or replacements.

What to do with rotten gates

The wood braces in gates get rotten and when they do, it will be time to do a repair job. If you know a little carpentry, all you have to do is to cut the areas of rotten timber and fill the gaps with wood fillers. If you see larger portions of the wood braces rotten, it is best to replace the wood brace.

How to avoid sagging

To avoid your gate from sagging, our gate repair experts suggest looking closely at the support posts. Make sure that you have the right tools for the job; most of which can be found in any hardware store in Tujunga. Note the height of each post; a spirit level may help you here. Then, examine the hinges on the posts. Remove the bottom hinge first by taking out the lag bolts using a ratchet, and then do the same with the top hinge. Shore up the post according to the height you desire, then screw in new lag bolts on the hinges, starting from the top side then bottom.

Replace rotten gates

Your steel gate is supposed to keep your property secure and although Gate Repair Tujunga is an expert in rotten gate repair, the best way to ensure safety is by installing a new gate. You could actually save more money if you replace the rotten gate instead of repairing it.

Check the gate tracks often

Rolling gate tracks are important since they guide the rollers. Since they're constantly exposed to dirt and elements, they'll get dirty a lot. It's important to keep them clean and free from sticks and other objects, which will prevent the movement of the sliding gate wheels.

Automating your manual gate?

Yes, it is possible. However, it may still depend on the condition of the manual gate itself because there are several factors that you should consider. Feel free to ask for assistance from our professionals to evaluate the gate’s condition.

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